Surf at YourWave

Book your spot in a public session or rent the whole wave to yourself

Join a group of 4-8 surfers in a public session and shred the wave for only $99 an hour.


Beat the line up completely and book the wave privately for you and up to 12 others. $799/hr

Mellow to Barrell, Grom to Pro

Young Beginners

Children aged 5-10 can join us to have their first experience catching a wave. All children must be accompanied in the water by an adult.

Epic waves

Everybody 12 and upwards can come and experience YourWave. This is targeted at beginner to intermediate surfers and the wave will be adjusted based on the groups ability level.

Pumping waves

These are larger waves only for very experienced surfers. In order to book a "Pumping wave" session you must've proven your competency in an "Epic wave" session.