What is YourWave?

YourWave is a revolutionary new system for creating waves to surf, boogie board or body surf. Due to YourWave's patented air-form technology that is used to create different wave shapes, YourWave is the safest and most versatile standing wave on the market.

What's involved in the YourWave system?

Our patented system uses chambered air-filled wave forms - akin to a bouncy castle. Inflating these forms with varying pressure allows YourWave to create custom shaped waves. Combined with the ability to alter the speed of the flow, it gives YourWave the ability to create a huge variety of waves. Lefts, right, front-on, slow, fast, mellow, steep and breaking waves.

How safe is YourWave?

As safe as playing in a bouncy castle. Just add water.

How easy is it to learn?

Surfing is a difficult sport to learn in the ocean and even harder to master; made even harder by the fact one has to develop the fitness to paddle out and then there's the crowd to deal with before you can even get a wave. Once on a wave you sometimes have only a few second to work on your style and moves. YourWave speeds up the process by enabling you to have a wave to yourself and to repeat, repeat and repeat until you get it right.

What kind of boards can be used?

YourWave uses a thick bed of smooth water for a real feel however boards will need slightly modified, less tall fins so as not to contact the surface of the waveform. However, should a client wish to be able to use full height fins, a model could be developed that uses an even thicker bed of water flow. The only issue is cost of the unit. As the water gets thicker, the physics get more demanding, engineering and weight bearing must increase accordingly and thus cost increases. In future, we certainly hope a client with a large budget presents that we can provide for.

How much water does YourWave use and require?

Depends on the size of the unit. But like a swimming pool, you only need fill it once then the water filtration system keeps it clean.

Who Manufacturers the YourWave?

Ross McCarthy, the founder, oversees the engineering and manufacture of all components that make up a YourWave unit.

What's different with YourWave compared to other standing wave machines?

YourWave is able to create custom wave shapes and change the wave in almost real time using our patented chambered air-filled waves forms.

If I'm opening a new theme park, why would I want to invest in a YourWave over other entertainment rides/activities?

YourWave with its air-filled forms is super safe. Add to that a super exciting ride that caters to everyone - swimmers, body surfers, boogie boarders, surfers - from learner to expert and you've got a winner for your surf park or water theme park. It offers a real, high fidelity surfing experience but at a fraction of the real estate footprint of surf lakes and at an even smaller fraction of the capital expenditure making for a quicker and easier path to profitable operation.

Who can have a go on an YourWave?

In a word, anyone. Hard to think of anyone who wouldn't be able to enjoy YourWave.

How easy is it to change the wave and how long does it take?

YourWave uses the one inflatable wave-form which can be manipulated at the push of buttons creating myriad different waves and altering them in almost real time.

What is the cost to run the YourWave?

Depends on the size of the YourWave unit and thus the size of the pumps needed. Electricity cost in your area and country is also a factor of course. It also depends on the speed of the water flow. Higher water flow speeds for faster more expert breaking waves use more power and thus kilowatts than gentle waves for learners. We will be publishing more data on this and other aspects in a separate financial modelling page in future.

How many people can ride/hour?

Ticketing and how many people are riding in any session is up to each individual operator. You might have 10 people on a rotation basis for an hour or you might have one or two people that want to train hard and have the unit to themselves for half an hour (if he/she/they have the stamina). There are endless ways to skin that cat.

How much is a YourWave unit?

Prices for the different size units will be published in a separate financial/modelling section of the website in future.