Our Story

YourWave is the brain child of Ross McCarthy.

“I began development because it showed great safety aspects and also a brand new way of producing real waves and a high fidelity surfing experience.”

The wave form is based around the physics of a standing wave. YourWave uses patented, chambered air-filled waveforms and inflatable surroundings (akin to a bouncy castle) making it very safe to surf and even safer to wipe-out on.


Wave Development

The physics behind YourWave will always stay the same however the technology controlling the wave can be updated. When an YourWave unit is purchased it can be forever advanced, meaning new forms can be installed (greater modular system) along with new wave programs at little cost.

We believe in the importance innovating Your Wave technology in order to provide the best product for our clientele. YourWave will always be in the process of developing new wave shapes and ideas for the future such as a wake for wakeboarding and wakeskating, a half-pipe and a barrelling waves.

Programmable Sequences

Another new technology AirWave is looking into is programmable sequences, this is where a surfer can choose a 15-30 second wave sequence allowing the wave to gradually change making the surfer adapt to the wave. Operators will need only to hit a button to implement a pre-programmed wave shape sequence.

Famous Breaks

In the future, YourWave will look to mimic certain waves so that surfers can enjoy or train for a particular type of break.